Hala Ramadan 4 2014

HALA RAMADAN Expo 4 2014, held under the patronage of Shaikha Feryal Duaij AlSalman AlSabah for the fourth year, consisted of around 120 participants with more than 10 sound sponsors having ‘Kuwait International Bank and Asnan’ as our main HALA Sponsors for the event and AlAnbaa as our HALA Media Sponsor. For the second time in Mall 360, HALA RAMADAN 4 was held in two parts due to the high number of registrations, where each part featured different participants with exclusive merchandise. The six-day event saw very high traffic and was counted as one of the largest events held in 360 Mall’s Exhibition Hall.

HALA RAMADAN 4 proved to be a success from all angles yielding valuable returns for all involved parties.