Hala Ramadan 3 2013

HALA RAMADAN Expo 3 2013, held under the patronage of Shaikha Feryal Duaij AlSalman AlSabah for the third year, included more than 120 participants this time and more than 12 prominent sponsors with ‘Gulf Bank’ being our Main HALA Sponsor for the event and AlAnbaa as our HALA Media Sponsor. This year, and for the first time in Mall 360, HALA RAMADAN III was held in two parts due to high demand for participation, where each part featured different participants with unique talents. The footfall of our six-days Expo reached around 12,000 visitors and the event was considered one of the largest from the pool of events held in 360 Mall’s Exhibition Hall. Private invitations were distributed and received at the main entrance for the official opening on the first day .

Again, HALA RAMADAN III turned out to be a great success proven by the continuous high demand for participation, the returning supporters, and the high media coverage of the event. HALA Expo continues to grasp onto its objective which is to satisfy not only its visitors, but also its participants and sponsors.