Hala Ramadan 2 2012

HALA RAMADAN Expo 2 2012, held under the patronage of Shaikha Feryal Duaij AlSalman AlSabah for the second year consecutively, included more than 80 participating booths this time as well as 12 prominent sponsors with Ahli Bank of Kuwait and KEMS being our Main HALA Sponsors for the event and AlWatan Newspaper & AlWatan TV returning as our HALA Media Sponsor from last year. The footfall of our four-days Expo was estimated over 4000 visitors and the event was considered one of the largest from the pool of events held in 360 Mall’s Exhibition Hall. Private invitations were distributed and received at the main entrance for the official opening on the first day .
HALA RAMADAN II proved to be a success due to the recurrent high demand for participation, the returning supporters, the outcome seen at the event and the attention carried by the media.HALA Expo is always glad and proud to keep its participants, sponsors and visitors happy and satisfied.